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About us

We launched the Hungarian Architects' first information and communication forum - an architectural daily - on the internet on March 15, 2001. After half year of testing period, we published our existence via press releases on October 16, 2001. By 2007, epiteszforum.hu became the most visited, daily updated professional online magazin with more than 3.000 visitors per day. Now the site consist of thousands of webpages informing the public about the most important issues of our built environment, professional acknowledgements, prizes, design competitions, new buildings and submissions. We present independent artists and architects as well as longer essays and studies in the branching out fields of architecture. These publications are always available on the internet supporting education and research.

Our aim is to raise the general level of the culture of architecture and our built environment in Hungary by channelling the flows of communication between professionals, decisionmakers and non-professionals, to distribute widely the values of architecture and our built environment.

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Audience profile

Visits: 72 481 / month
Banner ADV on front page: 25.000 ADV / week
Banner ADV on article pages: 75.000 ADV / week

65% of our audience works as an architect, 15% more is working in building trade.

The average reader is between 20-35 years old, lives in the capital and other large cities. 25% of them are still students, learning architecture and interior design.

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Erika Kiss
marketing and sales manager 
Tel: +36-20/548-6418
Mobile: +36-20/911-4996
e-mail: kiss.erika [at] epiteszforum.hu